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Opole Porcelain

Opole Porcelain (Porcelana Opolska) Opole Porcelain” is a brand name for porcelain with unique hand-painted flowerly motives characteristic for Opole region. The idea to put artistic, colorful ornaments on porcelain was originally conceived by two natives of Opole, a relatively small yet historic town in south-western Poland.
Dr Jan Kurek and Mr Jan Matysek, the then President of Opole Cooperative for Folk and Art Handicraft came with an idea to bring motives characteristic for the Opole region which were originally painted on old country-style chests used in typical countryside houses and Easter eggs called "kroszonki", to plates and cups made of porcelain. Already over 40 years have passed and though the way of painting has evolved and now is much more sophisticated, basically it has changed very little since then.

Opole Folk and Art Handicraft Atelier, called in Polish "Opolska Pracownia Rekodziela Ludowego i Artystycznego" is the entity resposible for this important work. It is headed by its owner, Ms. Ewa Zolna who is deeply involved in the everyday process of creation of the beautiful pieces of "Opole Porcelain."

"Opole Porcelain" goods created by the Atelier are hand-painted using a unique technique which is characteristic only for "Opole Porcelain." Each piece of "Opole Porcelain" is personally signed by the artist who actually painted it and thus is a unique piece of art inspired by the Polish folk art. Regular artistic supervision carried out by the Atelier and great engagement of the people who create the high-level craftsmanship is the secret of the great sucess of "Opole Porcelain" which brings about admiration and is appreciated by many not only in Poland but also on the international stage.


Workshops are carried out on a regular basis by Ms. Ewa Zolna, owner of the Atelier who is directly involved in the process of creation of "Opole Porcelain." Ms. Zolna is a driving force behind the promotion of Polish folk and handicrafted art. She is also the founder of the "Academy of Free Time" which is associated with the Atelier.

"Academy of Free Time" is the place where the workshop participants can learn the secrets of Polish handicraft regardless their age, sex or artistic skills. The activity is carried out once a week at the Atelier or other locations as "hobby workshops." The aim of the "Academy of Free Time" is to bring the ordinary people a step closer to the beauty of Polish handicraft. The workshops proof to be very polular among not only children, but also teenagers and adults. Often the workshops take place outside the head office which is located Opole. The main topics are pottery, ritual art (Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs and other ornaments), paper-cut designs and workshops on how to ornament the Porcelain.

Since 2011 the official representative of the Atelier and the brand name "Opole Porcelain" ("Porcelana Opolska" in Polish) for the Asian region is Tsukamoto Trading Co., Ltd., a Japanese company with Polish ties. (www.tsukamoto-trading.jp)

The hand-painted "Opole Porcelain" is available in separate pieces which are a great gift for your loved ones as well as breakfast sets, dinner sets, tea sets and coffee sets.


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